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Tried and Tested Baby Skin Care Tips for New Moms

Tried and Tested Baby Skin Care Tips for New MomsLooking for some tried and tested baby skin care tips for your little one? You’re not alone and you’ve come to the right place.

Being a new mom comes with having many questions about baby skin care, because there’s nothing more alarming than seeing a scary rash break out on your baby’s smooth skin.

Most, if not, every mom has experienced it. A few hours after bath time, red spots surface on different parts of the baby’s body, sometimes accompanied by itchiness and dryness. While these moments are stressful, don’t worry. These situations can easily be avoided with the right attention and care. The important thing to remember is that your baby’s skin is extra sensitive.

Here are four tried and tested baby skin care tips for new moms:

Baby Skin Care Tip #1: Protect your babys skin from germs and irritants.

Chances are, everybody wants to touch, pinch, hold and even kiss your adorable baby! While seeing and hearing people go nuts over your little one is very heartwarming for a mom, these gentle reminders will help with your baby skin care:

  • Don’t feel ashamed to ask family and friends to wash their hands before holding your baby.
  • Using the Filipino washcloth or “lampin” while carrying your baby is also good protection against the scents on clothes from harmful chemicals in detergents or perfumes which can irritate sensitive skin.
  • Suggest to kiss the feet instead of the face. A friendly reminder that your baby has sensitive skin will make them think twice about planting those kisses.

Baby Skin Care Tip #2: Keep the diaper area clean and dry.

To avoid the dreaded diaper rash, doctors advise to change your baby’s diaper as frequently as possible, because leaving it on for long periods of time can cause irritation. Ensure the diaper area is dry after washing and changing. If you aren’t in any rush, give it a chance to air out and wait a few minutes as moisture can cause irritation as well.

Baby Skin Care Tip #3: Moisturize and massage!

Since your baby’s skin is extra sensitive, he or she is likely to experience dryness and itchiness during harsh weather changes. After bath time, bond with your baby through a gentle massage using a trusted moisturizing cream. Your baby will enjoy the experience of your tender touch and be spared of the uncomfortable experience of having dry and flaky skin.

Baby Skin Care Tip #4: Choose the right baby wash.

Given that your baby’s skin is extra sensitive, be discerning about the wash you will use on your baby. Read the packaging carefully and study the ingredients. You will want to know what you are using on your baby’s skin.

Here are three qualities to look out for when choosing baby wash:

  • CLEAN: While you want a wash that is mild, you also want one that is effective. Look for baby wash that has sodium laureth sulfate, a mild cleansing agent suited for baby’s skin.
  • GENTLE: Babies’ skin do not have the natural acidic protection adults do. Choose a wash that is formulated at pH5 to match baby’s skin pH.
  • PURE: Use a wash that is hypoallergenic, soap-free and fragrance-free. While bubbles and scents sound like a lot of fun, these soaps often have elements that are harmful to your baby’s skin.

When it comes to baby skin care, the most important thing to remember is that your baby’s skin is extra sensitive. Fortunately, there are simple ways to keep skin irritation at bay, and plenty of products available that are made with caring for your baby’s skin in mind. Being a new mom is not easy and each one learns from her own experiences. You’ll be an expert on baby skin care before you know it!

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