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Top 6 Baby Bath Essentials

Top 6 Baby Bath EssentialsA basic in good grooming, baths bring in more benefits for your little bundle of joy. So every time you get the chance, make baby baths fun, safe and an experience for your baby to look forward to. Completing these baby bath essentials should lend a big hand in reaching these baby bath goals.


1. Washcloths

Top 6 Baby Bath EssentialsWashcloths are a big help in easing babies into the concept of baby baths. Go for the softest washcloth, and your little one should feel less anxious with the splashes and the whole experience.


2. Hooded Baby Towel

Top 6 Baby Bath EssentialsDo they need to be hooded? Can’t they just be towels?

These hoodies keep your baby’s head nice and warm after a baby bath. Two or three of the soft, thick kind should prevent daily laundry tasks. Remember to wash these items first before using and wrapping them on your baby’s skin.


3. Bathtub

Top 6 Baby Bath EssentialsFull baby baths should be okay once the umbilical cord falls off and the navel’s completely healed. Be extra patient as most babies get fussy. Ease them into the transition by alternating full baths with sponge baths.

Picking the right bath tub contributes to making your baby’s first baths fun and safe. Among other considerations, invest in a bath tub that follows and supports your baby’s build and one that does not let your baby slip or slide.


4. Baby Wash

Top 6 Baby Bath EssentialsDon’t get caught up in whether to use bar soaps or liquid cleansers; though bar soaps do a great job at thoroughly removing dirt, babies do not get dirty enough to require that level of cleansing.

Also, the shorter the ingredients list, the better. Labels that show too many chemicals and fragrances can only damage and dry your baby’s skin.

Gentle, mild cleansers such as TriSoPure Baby Wash are best for babies.


5. Toys

Top 6 Baby Bath EssentialsBaby bath time is play time and an opportunity to bond and help your baby develop socially and mentally. To max out on this chance to help your baby’s growth, make sure that you have the right props, colorful visual aids and interactive toys that both you and your baby will enjoy!

If you’re one who’s not into clutters, try scheduling your bath time activities with baby. You can also keep it simple from time to time by leveling up the experience with baby toys, a couple of heartfelt songs and some suds!


6. Grooming Essentials

Top 6 Baby Bath EssentialsAlong with other baby products, the ideal baby grooming kit should have these basics:

  • Skin care ointments or creams that will soothe skin irritations and minor skin problems.
  • Hypoallergenic baby or diaper wipes are great for cleaning up while you are on the go.
  • Cotton balls or swabs are great for gently cleaning baby’s hard-to-reach areas.
  • Keeping your baby’s nails trimmed requires baby nail clippers or scissors.
  • You’ll need a baby-sized comb or a soft baby brush to detangle baby’s hair when wet.
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