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Top 20 Questions on Baby Bath – Part 2

Bathing your little one doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are more of  your top questions on baby bath, answered. (Read Part 1 here)

Q11: Why do pH levels matter?

Short for “Potential Hydrogen,” pH describes the acid-alkaline ratio of a substance. For babies, the ideal pH balance in the skin is about 5.5. To lessen the chances of skin problems and conditions, a pH level of 5 should be maintained to support and strengthen the acid mantle. (Learn more: Understanding Baby Skin’s pH Balance)


Q12: What should I look for in a bath cleanser?

Check the list of ingredients to determine whether there are components that may potentially trigger a negative reaction on your baby’s skin. You’ll also want to choose a mild and moisturizing formula that will not irritate the baby’s skin. Lastly, try to go for fragrance-free options as the chemicals used in the scented versions may cause irritation and dryness.


TRISOPURE-ARTICLE-THUMB-20161208-V2-1Q13: When should I use shampoo on my baby?

If you’re using a shampoo or a cleanser, make sure to use it last. Leaving your baby to soak in sudsy water can dry his or her skin.


Q14: What is the right way to bathe my baby?

If you need a guide on how to bathe your baby, check out this step-by-step guide: Bathing and Bonding with Baby


Q15: What can I do to make bath time fun for baby?

Bath time doesn’t have to be short and boring! You can bring out the bath toys, or simply sing a song to your little one. These simple interactions will help keep him or her calm down during bath time. (Learn more: How to Make Baby Bath Time Fun)


Q16: Can I use cotton swabs to clean their ears?

A common misconception with cotton buds is that they are made for babies’ ears and nose. Yes, they are for hard-to-reach places, but only for creases and in-between toes and such. Even the softest kind of cotton bud may get stuck and affect your baby’s sense of smell or hearing.


Q17: What do I do if water gets in their ears?

Don’t panic! It’s not necessarily bad because the eardrum separates the ear canal from the middle ear, which prevents the water from getting in. However it can be uncomfortable for your baby, so next time, you can just use kid-friendly earplugs to keep water from getting in.


Q18: Should I take extra care when washing baby’s head?

Just avoid scrubbing vigorously. Wash as you normally would the rest of his or her body and avoid using your fingernails.


Q19: Do I need to use baby powder to dry my baby?

Using powder after a bath is not necessary. Talc can be harmful especially to infants when inhaled.


Baby massage after bathQ20: Should I massage my baby after his bath?

A gentle massage not only creates a special bonding moment; it also helps relax your baby before going to bed.


Bath time is a great way to bond with your child while attending to his or her needs. Just keep these tips in mind and try to make it fun for the both of you! Best to use a mild and hypoallergenic cleanser too, like TriSoPure Baby Wash!


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