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Top 20 Questions on Baby Bath – Part 1

Bathing a baby sounds fairly simple. But it can be a source of anxiety, especially for new moms. The first thing you need to do is relax because we are here to answer your top questions on how to give your baby a bath.

Q1: What are the benefits of bathing my baby?

For one, baths protect your baby by protecting the largest organ of the human body: the skin. Baby skin is fragile but it’s also important to keep it nourished for it to be able to fend off infections and the like. (Learn more: Baby Bath Benefits)


Top 6 Baby Bath EssentialsQ2: What do I need to prepare for my baby’s bath?

First, gather what you need. Ensure that you have everything you need within arm’s length. This includes cotton wool, washcloth, towel and a mild cleanser. You may also want to ready your drying station with a diaper and clean clothes. (Learn more: Top 6 Baby Bath Essentials)


Q3: Do I need to wear appropriate clothing when bathing my baby?

Yes! Make sure your clothes don’t have zippers or pins that could scratch the baby’s skin. Remove jewelry like watches, rings and bracelets.


Q4: When is the best time for a bath?

Bath times for newborns should be limited to only a couple of times a week. Topping and tailing (gentle sponge baths concentrating on the face, tummy and bottom area) should be okay on non-bath days of the week.


Q5: How often should I bathe my baby?

Childcare and healthcare professionals agree that baby baths should be given only 2-3 times per week. Bathing your baby each day tends to dry out or damage his or her skin. A good alternative is to do sponge baths.


Bathing helps baby sleep betterQ6: Will a bedtime bath help my baby sleep better?

While this may not be for all and baths may be done at any time of day, bathing your baby before bedtime helps your baby relax and prepare for slumber. Most mothers agree that this is a better alternative to bathing your baby before or after mealtime. (Learn more: How to Make Baby Sleep)

Q7: Should I use a baby bath tub or a basin?

Choose a baby bath tub that looks after your baby’s safety and enhances the whole experience for both you and your little ball of light. Opting for the basin is a good choice as well. A standard basin is usually a good height for you and perfectly fits your baby. Just throw in a rubber baby mat, and you’re all set!


Q8: How about baby’s bath water?

A water level of an inch or two should do. Also pay attention to the temperature of the water. Use an elbow or the inside of your wrist in checking the water’s temp. What’s toasty warm to you is too hot for baby.


Q9: What is the best cleanser for my baby?

Remember: your baby’s skin is sensitive. No need for chemically heavy soaps or harsh formulations. In choosing your baby’s bath essentials, go for a safe and gentle cleanser such as TriSoPure Baby Wash.


Q10: Can’t I use conventional bar soaps to bathe my baby?

Conventional bar soaps and some bubble baths tend to be alkaline, which may dry out or irritate your baby’s skin. You’ll want to go for products that are pH-neutral or mildly formulated like TriSoPure Baby Wash.


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