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Top 10 Baby Products You Can’t Live Without

Top 10 Baby Products You Can't Live WithoutThe excitement of being a parent continuously grows as you near that day when your baby is set to arrive into the world. There will be times when the excitement takes over, and you just can’t wait anymore. Hey, why not use the time to be more prepared for when the baby comes?

Read baby books, watch videos online, strengthen your body with stretches and breathing, and chat with peers who have a head start in parenting.

There’s also the nursery to busy yourself with. Whether you’re just about to start with putting it up, or nearly done, make sure not to miss out on the essentials. Read through this short list of 10 baby products that should help you with properly caring for your sweet little pea.

Baby Essentials for Sleeping


Of all baby products, the crib is considered the heart of a nursery room as this is where your newborn will spend most of his/her time—apart from your loving arms, of course.

Your crib of choice must be comfy to sleep in, and safe as well. Make sure that your crib’s frame fits a standard crib foam mattress. It should also have slats or gaps that are close enough to not allow your baby’s head or any of his/her limbs to slip through. Give the crib a shake and check if it wobbles. If it does, better to purchase a sturdier crib.


Baby Carrier, Stroller, Infant Car Seat

Establish it in mind and heart that in collecting or purchasing baby products, your baby’s safety and comfort should be the top consideration. For travelling and those days when you’d want to take baby out for a walk in the park, a sturdy stroller should come in handy. Holding your baby while driving or in transit in a vehicle presents multiple risks, as well. Best if you can set up a reliable car seat for your infant.

A baby wrap in the form of a cotton sling is fast becoming a popular item with today’s moms.

Baby Essentials for Feeding

Feeding Equipment

Make sure that your feeding station is fully equipped with baby products that look after your baby’s nutritional needs. Stock up on wipes, bibs, cleaners and bottles. If feeding breastmilk, make sure that your breast pump is a brand that can be trusted to function and perform well. If using formula, you might want to try using a bottle warmer to serve milk in its ideal temp. Did you know that you actually lose some of the milk’s nutrients when you use a microwave for heating?



Belonging to the class of basic baby products, diapers are necessary to keep your baby—his/her bottom to be specific—clean. Diapers have also been linked to the prevention of certain health risks in babies.

Whether going for the expensive, disposable diapers or the more practical cloth alternative, make sure that there’s always a fresh batch in the drawer, ready to serve its purpose.


Diaper Caddy

Easy access to wipes and diapers are important, too. Rather than spending on an expensive changing table, find yourself a functional changing pad or turn a simple wicker basket into a diaper caddy that you may carry or bring anywhere.


Baby Essentials for Changing

Cotton-Soft Clothes

Just like what you and I consider a necessity, infants and newborns need clothes, as well. If there’s one thing to remember about picking clothes for your baby, it’s this: don’t just go for what will be cute on him/her, but go for the actual feel. Is its texture rough? Is it itchy to the touch?

Stick with clothes made with natural material such as cotton. Not only will it help your baby get a good night’s sleep, but it will also prevent itchy, irritated skin.


Baby Soothers

Make life fun and enjoyable for your child, and start as early as now! Decorate the room with a fun and relaxing set of colors. A musical crib mobile should keep your little one happy and calm as he/she dozes off. Collect books that you can read to him/her before tucking them in.

Also, don’t forget: a happy mom makes a happy baby. Babies can sense when you or someone holding them is anxious or stressed. If anything, babies pick up or imitate these negative moods.


Baby Essentials for Bathing

Bath Toys and Essentials

Bath time should be fun, too! Add a squeaky duck or safe-for-infant bath toys for your baby to play with. Go for a bath tub rather than settling for a foam mat or the sink.

The right baby skin care products should help lighten the mood of the activity, as well. Free from chemicals and skin irritants such as fragrances, TriSoPure Baby Wash is a safe and gentle everyday bath solution for your baby.


Grooming Kit

Just like you, your baby’s nails will need a trimming once in a while. Keep a simple grooming kit that includes a soft bristled brush (good for massaging the scalp and stimulating a healthy mane), a gentle toothbrush and a few basic health paraphernalia for when baby gets the sniffles.


Waste Basket

Those dirty diapers need a receptacle to fall into. Make sure that you include a sturdy waste basket to do the job. Opt for one with a tight lid that helps keep odor from spilling into the room. Remember to keep it close to your changing pad or table.

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