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Preventing Diaper Rash

Preventing Diaper RashDiaper rash — is it a sign of neglect and bad parenting? Most believe so. But more important than whether it is or it isn’t, is knowing that there are actions you can do to treat or relieve your baby’s discomfort of having diaper rash.

What is Diaper Rash?

As with any skin condition, it’s always best practice to understand and be sure about the problem before applying corrective actions. So before being enlightened with how to treat and prevent diaper rash, here’s a little backgrounder on the skin condition.

A diaper rash is a general term for any skin irritation on the diaper area of your baby. The skin looks red, may be puffy and warm or with itchy red spots. Diaper rash can also be extensive with its red bumps reaching your baby’s tummy and thighs or inner legs.

Causes of Diaper Rash

While there is an active debate on the causes of diaper rash, a few seem to come out as your usual suspects:

  • Wetness

Ammonia, a skin irritant, forms when urine mixes with bacteria from your baby’s stool. This may be why babies with diarrhea or frequent bowel movements are prone to diaper rash.

  • Food

What your baby eats affects his/her stool composition. Food also affects your baby’s bowel movement, often increasing its frequency.

  • Sensitive Skin

Any child with sensitive skin is prone to getting diaper rash, even if you are diligent with changing diapers. Fragrances and certain chemicals from powders, lotions and even your diaper may irritate your baby’s skin.

  • Bacterial Infection

Especially in the creases of your baby’s skin in the diaper area, bacteria and yeast may grow, thrive and cause diaper rash.

Treating Diaper Rash

Treating and managing your baby’s diaper rash should be easy! Here are a few suggestions:

  • Cold compresses are useful in soothing the itch of the rash.
  • You may also try a baby skin protectant product such as Rashfree by Unilab.
  • Be careful with using baby wipes, as most may contain chemicals that can only worsen your baby’s rash. Best to go with plain water and a washcloth.

Preventing Diaper Rash

Remember that too much moisture and long contact with your baby’s pee and stool are guaranteed to bring about diaper rash. Consider the following action points:

  • Change diapers frequently.
  • When bathing and cleaning your baby, opt for a fragrance-free cleanser such as TriSoPure Baby Wash.
  • Give your baby’s backside a breather after every few diaper changes.

If unsure with whether it is diaper rash that your baby has, it’s best to consult a dermatologist and let him/her run tests.

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