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Newborn Care for the First 24 Hours

Newborn Care for the First 24 HoursNewborn care starts right after you’ve successfully brought your little bundle of joy into the world. Take a deep breath and trust that your first day of being a mom and his/her first day of life will be filled with a mix of joy and excitement, and just a little bit of panic.

When your baby comes, your first day together will most likely be taken up with long, quiet moments of getting to know each other. So relax a little. To further help you make the event as smooth as possible, consider these tips on newborn care for the first 24 hours.

Newborn Care: Bathing

Normally, the hospital staff should assist in cleaning the baby post-delivery. No need for thorough cleaning. While the umbilical stump is still attached, topping and tailing—or wiping his/her face, neck, and diaper area—should be okay.

Spots and flakes on your baby shouldn’t be a cause for worry as well. Unless told otherwise by a doctor, this is perfectly normal as your baby spent 9 months bathed in amniotic fluid.

Newborn Care: Feeding

Feed your baby as often as he/she wants to be fed. Especially in his/her first day, a baby will want to eat up to 15 times. This is because he/she has a stomach the size of a marble. Keep him/her as close to you as possible and study how he/she gestures wanting to be fed. By doing this, you should be able to feed him/her without crying or throwing a tantrum.

Your doctor or attending hospital staff will encourage you to breastfeed, and might even assist you and your baby in finding a comfortable position. As many articles on newborn care and breastfeeding say, getting the hang of it may take a while.

Ultimately, nothing can prepare you for this day of bliss. No plan or map will ready you for the delightful surprises that your little one has for you. So just take everything slowly and spend every minute lovingly. Then, when you’re all set, bring home all the love via a smooth transition from your hospital room to the comforts of your warm abode. Remember to be prepared as well with the right baby essentials, like having TriSoPure Baby Wash on hand for your precious one’s first bath time at home!

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