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Newborn Care: 10 Tips for New Parents

Newborn Care: 10 Tips for New ParentsWhile it is natural for new parents to feel lost or be concerned with every tiny detail, it certainly doesn’t have to be so. Breathe. Ease into newborn care and parenthood from day 1 onwards with these gentle reminders.

1. Pre-Labor Prep Helps

Whether it’s reading baby books, chatting with other more experienced moms or enrolling in nursing classes, preparation before giving birth definitely cuts off a large chunk of your fears about newborn care.

2. Let Baby Lead the Way

Everybody trying to put in their two cents about your ways and how newborn care should be adds to your stress. It will be helpful to consider a few suggestions, but listening to all the noise will only pull you in different directions.

And remember that not all babies are the same. Adjust to your baby’s behavior and reception of your care. Let him or her tell you when he or she is hungry, ready for bed and the likes.

3. Hold Your Baby Right

Your baby is a tiny, fragile being. Be gentle with holding and carrying him or her. Make sure to wash your hands or use a sanitizer when picking him or her up. Support your baby’s head and neck, and be careful not to shake your newborn.

4. Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps

When your baby’s not eating, he or she sleeps. Up to 16 hours a day in short bursts, in fact. Instead of countering or controlling your baby’s sleep pattern, go with it for a chance to get more sleep.

5. Welcome Daddy’s Help

Be more trusting of your spouse. If Dad was there to comfort and support you through labor, he can definitely find his way and figure out this whole Dad thing. This should also create room for father and baby bonding.

6. Babies Cry Because of Many Things

Bottles of milk are not always the answer to your baby’s wails. Babies don’t just cry because they’re hungry. They may be having problems sleeping or may just be plain cranky.

Whichever the cause, the surest way you can calm baby down is to mimic his or her environment in the womb. Wrap him or her up in a warm blankie or play a tune with a steady, heartbeat-like rhythm.

7. Feed Before Baby Sleeps

Keep baby awake while feeding. This encourages him or her to focus at the current activity and would even help him or her eat faster. Try stroking or caressing your baby’s cheek during feeding times.

Did you know that when babies go to bed with a full stomach, they sleep longer and wake up calm?

8. Baby’s Day Out

A little Vitamin D every day is very good for your baby. But before you take him or her out to the park, to the mall or any public place, make sure that you’re with company. Best if you tag along a friend who’s a more experienced mom.

9. Embrace the Chaos

Newborn care is never easy. There will be sleepless nights, untimed meals and some of the horrors that other moms share. The sooner you accept this truth, the sooner you can choose to make the experience enjoyable for both you and your baby.

Make plans and preparations but don’t be attached. Newborn care involves a whirlwind of activities and random whims.

10. There’s Always Time for “Me” Time

Set aside a portion of the day for you to recuperate and recover energy. Indulge in a nice hot bath, get a shut-eye for an hour or spend a few moments in the garden or some nice scenery. Whenever you can, plan a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and get some fresh air. Good habits will help you regain and maintain the energy you need to care for your little ball of light.

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  1. Wow! Thank you for all these tips. I’m six months pregnant and I’m starting to get nervous for how taking care of a baby will be like when she comes into the world. I didn’t know feeding the baby before she sleeps will help her sleep and wake up calmer. I thought it would keep her awake. I’m going to try these tips when my angel comes.

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