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Newborn Baby: What to Expect

Newborn Baby: What to ExpectEspecially in the latter months of pregnancy, soon-to-be moms look forward to finally getting to hold their newborn baby, getting (seemingly endless) surprise visits from family and friends, as well as those peaceful and cozy nursing sessions.

However, no one ever becomes fully prepared for the early days of parenthood. Apart from the panic-inducing cries, those bright moments will come with surprising and not-so pleasant ones. Try to keep your calm and not stress so much. For a little preview, here are some things that come with the arrival of your newborn baby.

Expect Exhaustion on Your First Day

No video or reading can describe the pain and beauty of delivery. It may be as traumatic as other moms related, but the bliss of finally having your baby with you, physically present, covers up the pain of delivery… for a while. So, balance your preparation for delivery with reading up on how to recover. You might want to try these suggestions.

For natural/traditional delivery: Cold compress and frequent warm baths are guaranteed to soothe stitches and keep them from feeling tight.

For cesarean delivery: Your c-section incision will take 4-6 weeks for it to heal, but pain medication during the first week should encourage recovery and help you move around.

Your Baby Will Look Different

As soon as your newborn baby arrives, you’ll notice his/her puffy, egg-shaped head—the side effect of his/her travel down the birth canal—body covered in fine hair and dry skin. Within the first weeks, you’ll see that his/her head shape will slowly ease into a more circular form and the coat of fine hair (more formally known as lanugo) will fall off.

Dry skin and baby acne are natural to babies, as well. To provide relief for your baby’s skin, you can use moisturizing solutions that are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, such as TriSoPure Baby Wash.

Nursing Can Hurt

Yes, breastfeeding or nursing can hurt during the first few weeks. Even when your baby does it properly—with his/her lips out and chin pressed against you—shooting pain can be felt at latch-on. If pain persists after 2 weeks and there are noticeable scabs or cracks, best to seek expert help.

So those sunny and quiet moments of nursing your newborn? You’ll get there. For now, make sure that your newborn baby feels loved on his/her first days of life, and see to it that his/her needs for proper growth and development are met. While you keep him/her safe from infections with baths using TriSoPure Baby Wash, 0.5mL of Nutrilin Drops every day should boost your newborn baby’s growth and development.

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