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More Tips on How to Bathe a Baby

More Tips on How to Bathe a BabyMake bath time a fun and chill experience for baby and you by reviewing the basics of bathing & bonding with baby, and reading on for more tips below on how to bathe a baby.

Tears Are Normal

How to bathe a baby without drama? Especially if it’s baby’s first time, bath time can be shocking for the first couple of sessions. Tears, whimpers and wails are to be expected. If this is the case with your baby, it’s best to keep bath times short. After covering every corner, get him or her dried off with a fluffy and snugly towel.

You may also choose to make the experience fun and less frightening by using toys or sharing a bigger bath tub with your baby.

Perfect Time for a Bath

You’ll want to find that sweet spot or period of the day when your baby is well-rested and full—but not right after feeding. Most parents choose to give their babies a bath close to bedtime and at least an hour after feeding.

Remember that bath times for newborns should be limited to only a couple of times a week. More splashes could dry and damage your baby’s soft and sensitive skin. Topping and tailing (gentle sponge baths concentrating on the face, tummy and bottom area) should be okay on non-bath days of the week.

How to bathe a baby regularly: establish a routine so that your baby knows when to expect bath time.

Baby Bath Tub or a Basin?

Choose a baby bath tub that looks after your baby’s safety and enhances the whole experience for both you and your little ball of light. Opting for the basin is a good choice as well. A standard basin is usually a good height for you and perfectly fits your baby. Just throw in a rubber baby mat, and you’re all set!

Check the Water

An article on how to bathe a baby is not complete without tackling the water. A water level of an inch or two should do. Also pay attention to the temperature of the water. Use an elbow or the inside of your wrist in checking the water’s temp.  What’s toasty warm to you is too hot for baby.

An ideal way of pouring water into your tub or basin is to run some cold water first. Follow it up with warm water. To be sure, use a baby-bath thermometer. It should read 32° Celsius or below.

Save the Shampoo for Last

Leaving your baby to soak in sudsy water can dry his or her skin. If you’re using a shampoo or a cleanser, make sure to use it last.

Go for Gentle and Mild Baby Bath Essentials

A gentle reminder: your baby’s skin is sensitive. No need for chemically heavy soaps or harsh formulations. In choosing your baby’s bath essentials, go for a mild, tear-free and safe cleanser such as TriSoPure Baby Wash.

Read a more detailed checklist on how to bathe a baby, and more articles on baby care here.

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