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First Time Mom Mistakes to Avoid

First Time Mom Mistakes to AvoidMotherhood, the full experience of it, cannot be put into a couple of words or paragraphs. It is colorful and intense, thanks to every emotionally charged moment of happiness, delight, confusion, and frustration. And most would agree that these emotions are doubled and peppered with overlapping variations when you are a first time mom. With overflowing love and wanting to be inseparable with your baby, there are also doubts, hesitations and panic. Panic brought about by fear of committing mistakes as a first time mom. Relax a little. To help you, we’ve rounded up the usual first time mom mistakes with bits of advice on how to avoid them.

First Time Mom Mistake #1: Assuming that you’re doing it all wrong

Worrying and panicking over every small thing can lead to no good. Take it easy and remember that you are a first time mom. No one expects you to do perfectly well in changing diapers, burping and knowing the difference between vomits and spit-ups right off the bat. You will mess up and when you do, don’t waste time wallowing or worrying. As with most negative experiences, the best thing to do is to learn from the experience and move on.

First Time Mom Mistake #2: Turning down help and assistance

Being a first time mom, it is understandable that you want to do things on your own, and be as hands-on as possible. But know that a little help here and there can, well, help. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice or suggestions from trusted mommy friends. For when you want to take a break, there’s always your mom who’s ever so eager for a grandma-grandchild bonding.

First Time Mom Mistake #3: Keeping your baby to yourself

Having a newborn definitely draws friends and family to gather and meet the little ball of light. And, though some may deny it, first time moms hesitate having their babies in the arms of others. Chances are, you’re stressing yourself out. Let go and remember that mama will always have a special place in baby’s heart.

First Time Mom Mistake #4: Making sure that your baby is not crying

When we hear babies cry, we are pulled into quick action to do something about whatever it is we think is wrong. What we have to understand is that babies are designed to cry. While there may be times that they do have reason to do so, there are also instances when they don’t. Try the cry-it-out method. No, we’re not saying leave your baby alone to cry until he gets tired, but we’re saying wait for a short period of time before offering comfort.

First Time Mom Mistake #5: Waking your baby to breastfeed

A common misconception with breast milk is that it does not have the same consistency of formula that allows for babies to sleep through the night. Sleep is as important as nutrition, so let yourself and your baby rest and sleep soundly.

Don’t be hard on yourself! Even as a first time mom, there’s maternal instinct and baby care partners such as TriSoPure for guidance and assistance in giving your precious one the best that you can give.

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