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Fever in Babies

Fever in MindIt’s the middle of the night, you are sleeping soundly… when suddenly your baby sets off a loud, panic-inducing cry! You rush to his/her side and try to figure out what’s wrong. It’s when you touch him/her and feel the unusually hot temperature that you get a clue of what’s going on: fever.

Take a deep breath and resist pushing the panic button. Know that there are a couple of things that you can do to help your baby feel better soon.

Why Fever in Babies Can Be Good

While it is understandable to be worried over a shift in your baby’s body temperature, you should know that fever in babies rarely cause any harm. In fact, fever is a good sign that your child’s immune system is working properly. That shift in body temperature is commanded by the brain, aiding white blood cells in fighting off harmful bacteria or viruses.

A change in your baby’s temperature confirms whether or not he/she has fever. Most pediatricians and doctors agree that a normal body temperature for a healthy baby ranges from 36-37° Celsius. If your baby’s rectal temperature is higher, he/she has a fever.

In taking your child’s temperature, there is no one right way, but of the usual methods, rectal temperature has the highest accuracy compared to others.

What Causes Fever in Babies

Often thought as a symptom of various illnesses, fever in babies is actually what comes after when your precious baby contracts infections or illnesses such as:

  • Flu
  • Colds
  • Sore throat
  • Ear infection
  • Pneumonia or other respiratory illnesses
  • Chickenpox, hand and foot disease, and the like

Babies will also get fevers after receiving immunization shots. Your attending doctor should warn you on this, or give you advice on what to look out for and proper treatment post-immunization.

When Fever in Babies Becomes Serious

Get in touch with a doctor if your baby’s temperature reaches or passes 38° Celsius. Another telling sign of high, serious fever is when your baby’s playing and feeding habits are noticeably affected.

What You Can Do

When your baby has fever, remember to give him/her lots of rest and fluids. Proper medication should help speed up his/her recovery. Note that it can be stressful when children are forced to drink formulas that are too strong to taste. With Taste Right Technology, Biogesic for Kids has a reduced bitter taste, making medicine time easier for both kids and parents.

To further speed up the recovery process, keep your baby’s body cool by tinkering with the room temperature. Also, avoid putting on too many layers of clothes on him/her or covering him/her with multiple bed sheets. Lastly, lukewarm baths with TriSoPure Baby Wash should be of great help in balancing or pulling his/her body temperature down.

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