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Dealing with Baby Acne

TriSoPure-Baby-Wash-Article-Baby-AcneDoes your little bundle of joy have baby acne?

Every new mama looks forward to the day when she can hold her sweet baby in her arms, inhale that wonderful baby smell, and caress her baby’s smooth and soft skin. This, after all, is what newborn baby dreams are made of, despite the sleepless nights, consecutive diaper changes and the stresses that come along with everything that is new and important to us.

This is why baby photo after baby photo is what any person will find when scrolling through the feed of a new mama’s Instagram or Facebook profile. Mama feed is full of firsts, milestones and even ordinary moments that moms want to remember forever.

But what does a new mom do when she finds the much dreaded baby acne on her bundle of joy’s perfect skin?

Here are some tips to keep baby acne at bay:

Get to the bottom of it, and know the source.

Numerous doctors agree that the study of modern medicine is now gearing towards the growing influence of genes on a person’s medical conditions. Are you or the baby’s father prone to acne? That might be the reason why your baby’s complexion is not as clear as you would hope.

Hormones are another likely cause behind baby acne, often transmitted from the mother at birth. This is the acne that shows up on the cheeks, forehead and nose, and will fade away in time.

Know what kind of acne your baby has.

There are two types of baby acne: neonatal and infantile.

  • Neonatal acne can show up as soon as birth, and last for the first three months of your baby’s life. It should fade away after that.
  • Infantile acne is a bit trickier as it appears between 3-6 months, but will only go away within a year or two. Best to be patient about this!

Keep your baby’s face clean.

It is important that the wash you use has a pH level that is compatible with your baby’s skin, as numerous washes on the market are too harsh for your baby’s sensitive skin. You could be making the acne worse with your wash of choice. So select a dermatologically tested, mild and fragrance-free cleanser that will keep baby’s skin clean and in a healthy condition, just like TriSoPure Baby Wash!

Avoid irritation.

Do not touch! No matter how inviting it looks, resist the temptation to pop those baby pimples and white heads no matter how satisfying you think it will be. If the dermatologists don’t recommend that for adults, then they certainly won’t recommend it for your baby!

Also, feel free to politely remind relatives and friends not to touch or kiss your cute baby’s face when they are holding him or her. Hand contact and saliva will only worsen your baby’s skin condition.

Call the doctor!

If you feel that your baby’s acne is severe, get in touch with your pediatrician to get advice on how to treat it. Your doctor may prescribe an ointment or an oral medication to speed up the healing.


Final words

Along with everything else about motherhood, dealing with baby acne will require a lot of patience, a lot of care, and a lot of love from you. Remember not to put so much pressure on yourself about those perfect and flawless photos, and instead focus on the precious moments of bonding with your little one that are sure to go by very quickly.

While you may be able to get back your baby’s beautiful and clear skin, you won’t be able to wish back those moments missed worrying about your baby’s acne.

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  1. My son skin is so much sensitive. All baby wash is already used, buy when trisopure baby wash arrived my son skin becomes more smooth and gentle. Theres no “butil butil” to his face. Thanks trisopure!

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