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Baby Rashes

Baby RashesBaby rashes are natural, considering that a baby’s skin is sensitive and may turn red or irritated when exposed to certain elements. More than the symptoms and appearance, baby rashes are often startling because of the perceived discomfort that your baby is experiencing.

Well, baby rashes shouldn’t be alarming. Not all the time, at least. Some types of baby rashes will disappear without treatment. Aside from eczema and diaper rash, here are the other common types of baby rashes.

Baby Rashes: 3 Common Types

Baby Acne
Baby acne is best described as tiny pimples on your baby’s cheeks, forehead, chin and back that appear after a couple of weeks after birth. These small bumps are surrounded by reddish skin, more pronounced when he/she is exposed to heat for a long time, or if his/her skin is irritated by milk residue, rough fabrics and even dried up saliva.

Baby acne is not something to worry about though, as this type of baby rash goes away after a time, with no treatment whatsoever.

Hives are another one of those baby rashes you may be familiar with. Caused by a number of triggers such as certain foods, insect bites and infections, hives appear as large, red swollen marks that move around the body and lasts up to 4 days before disappearing.

Chicken Pox
Chicken pox is a contagious disease characterized by the appearance of small, itchy baby rashes that change into clear, fluid-filled blisters on areas such as the scalp, face and chest or torso. In aggravated cases, chicken pox appears or spreads over the whole body. Surrounded by pinkish or reddish skin, these blisters dry up into scabs.

Although this condition is one of those ailments to be expected in childhood, it is uncommon for a baby to have chicken pox before his/her first birthday.

Baby Rashes: When to See a Doctor

There are more serious kinds of baby rashes that will require expert attention. Take your baby to the doctor when his/her baby rashes are accompanied by high fever, problems in breathing and changes in behavior.

Baby Rashes: Fighting It the Gentle Way

The best action against baby rashes is to keep your baby clean using a trusted skin care product. TriSoPure Baby Wash is a mild and gentle cleanser for soothing baby skin problems such as baby rashes.

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