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Baby Milestones

Baby MilestonesFirst smile, first laugh, first step—these are why most moms keep their baby books, scrapbooks and cameras within reach! It’s no secret that one of the biggest thrills in parenthood is witnessing your baby’s “firsts,” or what’s generally called baby milestones. Unfortunately, these tiny yet precious little moments can easily be missed when you have no idea of when to expect them.

But don’t worry because, as always, we got your back on this! Before listing down baby milestones that you can look out for, however, it should do you good to understand that not all babies are the same in terms of development. Some will learn to walk faster, while others will utter their first word earlier.

Here are few of the things that influence a child’s development:


A sneak peek into your baby’s personality here! If your little you is as brave as mommy or daddy, he/she won’t think twice of standing up on his/her own, or climbing out of the crib for sweet freedom. But if he/she is a thinker, then baby milestones such as talking might be first on his/her list.


Having an older child does give your baby someone to look up and catch up to. Especially if your older child allows for your baby to be independent—such as if he/she lets baby crawl to reach a certain area in the play area, then you can expect your baby to reach a handful of baby milestones very soon.

Premature Birth

Babies born early often have delayed development, but catch up to their peers by the age of 2.

Now, what exactly are baby milestones, and when do babies reach them? Make sure to list these down or set an alarm for each on your smartphone!

  • 8th week

    The usual first of baby milestones is also his/her first social skill: smiling. It takes about 8 weeks for his/her nervous system and vision to develop—necessary to see you and elicit a cheerful response, of course.

  • 2nd or 3rd month

    Keep your eyes glued on him/her especially during tummy time. You never know when he/she will pull himself/herself into a pushup position and roll over on his/her own.

  • 3rd or 4th month

    Your baby would have learned to grab and pick up things. He/she would engage more in playtime with a better understanding of how his/her toys work.

  • 5th month

    Especially if your bundle of light is an affectionate one, he/she would learn how to hug or wrap his/her tiny little arms around mommy, daddy and other people he/she is comfortable around with.

  • 8th month

    With enough balance, strength in the limbs and control in the lower body, your baby should be able to sit up by his/her 8th month.

  • 8th – 9th month

    As soon as he/she learns how to sit up, crawling on all fours and pulling himself/herself up soon follows.

  • 9th month

    Hear ye, hear ye! Keep those ears tuned in as baby might just speak out his/her first words!

  • 10th month – 1 ½ years old

    From his/her 10th month to when she’s past 1 year old, your baby might just gather the muscle strength, coordination, balance and confidence that he/she needs to be able to take that first step and learn how to walk.

As your baby learns and goes through his/her baby milestones, make sure that he/she feels loved and supported. Keep him safe from the effects of vitamin deficiency with Ceelin, and keep him cheerful every day with soothing rubs after a nice, comforting bath with TriSoPure Baby Wash!

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