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Baby Games

Baby GamesThe best part of childhood? Getting to play as much as you want to, and without a care for anything the world!

The Importance of Baby Games and Playtime

Countless formula milk advertisements have probably let you in on this but baby games and playing brings with it a lot of benefits for your baby’s growth and development. It is through baby games and playing that children explore with their imagination, practice decision-making, interact with parents and those of their peers, and get a better sense of the world.

And with babies, it’s never too early (or young) to start playing! Before sample baby games, here are a couple of reminders or points that you need to know in introducing the concept of play and playtime to your baby.

  • The best way to teach a game is through repetition.
  • A baby’s attention span is very short. Modification and improvisation every 5 minutes or so will help.
  • Pay attention to your baby’s gestures and temperament. If he/she starts turning away from you, consider changing the game or activity.

Sample Baby Games

Finger Puppets

Play and develop your baby’s visual skills with finger puppets! Start by wearing the first finger puppet on your index finger. Bring it to your baby’s line of sight and introduce the puppet in a slow and comprehensible way. More importantly, be creative!

Baby Talk

Those coos and gurgles are signs that your baby is just about ready to communicate with you! Encourage speech and first words by interacting in baby talk. Before talking in normal words, help your baby discover the different sounds that he/she can make with his/her mouth.


A baby game to take advantage of your baby’s sensitivity to touch, pour a dime-sized oil onto your palms and massage it on your baby. Start from the feet and work up. Make it a fun experience for baby when you play with his/her senses with a song, a hum or a set of funny sounds.

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