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Baby Care 101: Hair Loss in Babies

Baby Care 101: Hair Loss in BabiesOur babies are so precious that we notice and automatically panic whenever changes appear such as when your baby’s thick, fluffy locks suddenly become thin and hair starts falling out. As much as it is scary to see hair falling out, there’s nothing to worry about. Hair loss in babies is normal and, in fact, natural. Nothing that pure lovin’ baby care can’t handle.

Why It Happens

Your prime suspect for this sudden yet normal change in babies is hormones. Think about it: for 9 months, your baby has been curled up and lying in a pool of hormones that your body has provided for them. These high levels of hormones drop when he or she was born, and various growth processes of his or her body react by entering resting state.

In resting state, the hair’s growth cycle pauses and prepares to start a new growth cycle. This transition’s rate is also dictated by hormones. For some baby, the growth of new and thicker strands isn’t noticeable. For others, however, new hair takes longer to come out, resulting to babies becoming bald for a while.

Did you know that mothers that had just come from labor lose handfuls of hair because of hormones, too?

Hair Loss and Baby Care

There’s no way of stopping or getting in the way of this natural process. What you can do is to stimulate healthy hair growth with these TriSoPure baby care tips:

  • Comb baby’s hair with a soft-bristled brush to increase blood circulation and strengthen hair follicles.
  • Before they turn into knots, detangle curls with a baby brush.
  • Vitamin D and healthy proteins like eggs and spinach promote healthy hair growth.
  • Avoid using blow dryers or any kind of heat on your baby’s hair.
  • Much like with his or her skin, don’t wash his or her hair too much. This dries the scalp and makes the hair rough in texture.

Good and strong hair is even more possible when your baby’s scalp is kept clean and healthy. But as mentioned earlier, washing your baby often is not advisable—nor is using any shampoo or baby care product.

TriSoPure Baby Wash is a baby care essential that’s gentle, mild and dermatologically tested safe to keep your baby’s skin and scalp in a healthy condition.

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