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Baby Bath Do’s and Don’ts

Baby Bath Do's and Don'tsBath time may be an unpleasant experience for your baby and a nerve-wracking chore for you—especially if it’s your first time. You fear occasional slips and every little scenario where things might just turn for the worse. But you better put that active imagination of yours to rest! Bath time can be a delightful experience for you and your baby, if you want it to be. Allow us to share a few baby bath tips with you.

Baby Bath Do's and Don'tsWhat You Should Do

Gather what you need

Before bringing in your baby for the bath, make sure that you have everything you need within arm’s length. This includes cotton wool, washcloth, towel and a mild cleanser. You may also want to ready your drying station with baby powder, a diaper and clean clothes.

Get rid of those jewelries

It’s best to be safe and prevent scratches on your baby’s sensitive skin by taking off your watch, rings and other sorts of hand accessories.

Make sure the water’s just right

Nothing compares to the comfort of a warm bath that’s lovingly prepared. Test the water’s temperature with your elbow or wrist. Make sure that the water level in your basin or baby bath tub reaches and covers the baby’s shoulders well.

Opt for bedtime baths

While this may not be for all and baths may be done at any time of day, bathing your baby before bedtime helps your baby relax and prepare for slumber. Most mothers agree that this is a better alternative to bathing your baby before or after mealtime.


Baby Bath Do's and Don'tsWhat You Shouldn’t Do


Know that every new parent experiences the initial lack of confidence. So relax and trust that your confidence should grow with each baby bath.

Leave your baby alone

Be in the moment with your baby. The undesirable is kept at bay when you have your eyes and your undivided attention trained on your child.

Use anything deep on your baby’s ears or nose

Stick with cleaning areas that you can see. You may notice that newborns have thick brown wax in their ears, but no need to swab it out with a cotton bud. This thick brown wax actually works to prevent infections caused by external factors.

A common misconception with cotton buds is that they’re made for babies’ ears and nose. Yes, they are for hard-to-reach places, but for creases and in-between toes and such. Even the softest kind of cotton bud may get stuck and affect your baby’s sense of smell or hearing.

Give daily baby baths

Child and healthcare professionals agree that baby baths should be given only 2-3 times per week. Bathing your baby each day tends to dry out or damage his skin. A good alternative is to do sponge baths.

You can never be too careful when it comes to your baby’s safety and protection. Tap water alone may cause damage to your baby’s skin. Equip yourself with baby bath essentials such as TriSoPure Baby Wash that gently works to soothe and maintain your baby’s natural skin moisture.

As much as it is about cleanliness, bath time is also about bonding with your child. Take it as a break from the usual grind and make it as fun and light as it can be for you and your baby. Go ahead and draw your little bundle of joy a nice and warm baby bath.

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