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Baby Bath Benefits

Baby Bath BenefitsBaby bath times are intimate, adorable moments with babies. Every parent knows this. What we do not know is that each baby bath time along with other rituals such as changing a diaper can contribute to your baby’s development.

Beyond babies needing regular baths for good hygiene, here are other benefits on why baby baths are important.

For Cognitive and Brain Development

Especially during sponge years or a child’s first three years when learning is fast and easy, babies learn a lot while in the tub. Babies can be witnessed to observe the water, the resulting ripples with each movement, the peculiar form of bubbles that float in contrast to toys that sink—you may even catch them doing they’re little science experiments.

Babies also pick up speech patterns when you talk to them to distract and entertain them during baby baths. You’ll catch your little light just staring on how you open your mouth and move your lips. They’ll tune in to how words such as “baby” and “bubble” are pronounced or how they sound like.

Baby baths are relaxing and fun that babies easily open up and absorb the tiniest details or movements in the world.

For Stronger Ties

Baby bath times are moments where you connect with your baby. It is a time of touch, as most online reads and reports from experts say.

When a parent rubs or caresses his or her baby, it calms the baby. His or her heart rate slows, blood pressure lowers and the act sends signals to the brain, saying that all is in order and that it’s okay to relax.

This way, your baby familiarizes himself or herself with your touch. This would be central to your bonding moment and would be the same sensation that your baby will yearn for and associate with you for the rest of his or her life.

For Engaging the Senses

What makes baby baths more important is the engagement of other senses.

Babies watch tiny waves and drifting bubbles, listen to water splashes and reach for that yellow duck that seem to produce a loud noise every time you squeeze it.

The sense of smell is not to be left out. A study found that baths accompanied by certain aromas are calmer. Babies cried less and had a sound slumber afterward—hey, even more reason to add baby baths to your baby’s bedtime routine.

For Gadget-Free Bonding

Bath time is a rare hands-off time for technology.

Because your parental instincts want you to be careful and gentle with your baby, it becomes an automatic and conscious decision to put down your smart phone and give your tablet a rest. Baby baths are just for you, your baby and no one or nothing else.

To Keep Your Baby Healthy

Baths protect your baby by protecting the largest organ of the human body: the skin. Baby skin is fragile but it’s also important to keep it nourished for it to be able to fend off infections and what have you. TriSoPure Baby Wash is gentle, mild and dermatologically-tested safe to keep your baby’s skin and scalp in a healthy condition.

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