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Baby Bath 101 for Dads

Baby Bath 101 for DadsFeeding your new bundle of joy, putting him or her to sleep—whatever mommy can do with baby, daddy can do, too! And daddies can most definitely bathe and bond with baby!

While a baby bath session can be daunting for anyone, there are a lot of ways to turn it into a calm and enjoyable experience. For daddies, here are a few pointers when giving your little ray of light a baby bath:

Gather What You Need

Ready your baby bath by having everything you need. This includes your washcloths, baby towel, grooming essentials, and the like. Remember to have these bath essentials at arm’s length for your baby bath to go smoothly. Once your baby is in the tub or sink, you won’t have a spare hand to reach for these items from different locations.

Check the Water Temp

Keep in mind that the water should be lukewarm. That’s 36-38°C if you’re using a bath thermometer. If not, dipping the tip of your elbow in the water and feeling it for yourself always does the trick. The elbows are a sensitive part of the skin that clues you in on how your baby will feel in the bath.

Baby Bath Interaction

Tell your baby a story, narrate the events of your day, the lessons you recently learned, or simply sing a song. Interacting with your baby while in the water keeps him or her calm.

Bring in Some Toys & Fun

Who says a baby bath should be short and boring? These tiny moments can be taken as opportunities for developing your baby’s cognition and social skills in fun and interesting ways! So, bring out the bath toys: floating balls that will teach him or her about buoyancy, or foam letters that should introduce him or her to words, reading and spelling.

What more can daddies do to make their baby bath time extra special? At night and after bath or right before bedtime, you can go give your baby a series of lovin’ rubs on his or her chest, limbs and legs.

Mommies, relax and take comfort knowing that you have someone to provide round-the-clock attention and care for your baby. You are partners in this new and exciting chapter, after all!

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