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Baby Care: Understanding Baby Skin’s pH Balance

There may be other triggers or various causes for rashes, eczema and other baby skin problems appearing within your baby’s first year. But ultimately, these baby skin problems are the visible results of imbalance in the skin’s pH level. Take this short refresher on the skin’s pH level and gather useful info on safe and… Continue Reading

Baby Bath 101 for Dads

Feeding your new bundle of joy, putting him or her to sleep—whatever mommy can do with baby, daddy can do, too! And daddies can most definitely bathe and bond with baby! Continue Reading

Top 6 Baby Bath Essentials

A basic in good grooming, baths bring in more benefits for your little bundle of joy. So every time you get the chance, make baby baths fun, safe and an experience for your baby to look forward to. Completing these baby bath essentials should lend a big hand in reaching these baby bath goals. Continue Reading

Newborn Care: 10 Tips for New Parents

While it is natural for new parents to feel lost or be concerned with every tiny detail, it certainly doesn’t have to be so. Breathe. Ease into newborn care and parenthood from day 1 onwards with these gentle reminders. Continue Reading

Baby Bath Benefits

Baby bath times are intimate, adorable moments with babies. Every parent knows this. What we do not know is that each baby bath time along with other rituals such as changing a diaper can contribute to your baby’s development. Continue Reading

How to Make Baby Bath Time Fun [INFOGRAPHIC]

After you’ve established the basics in baby bath and understood how each session can be a way to bond with your bundle of joy, you may now put on your creative hat and try different methods to lessen your baby’s aversion to baby bath time. Here are our suggestions on how to up the baby… Continue Reading

Baby Care 101: Hair Loss in Babies

Our babies are so precious that we notice and automatically panic whenever changes appear such as when your baby’s thick, fluffy locks suddenly become thin and hair starts falling out. As much as it is scary to see hair falling out, there’s nothing to worry about. Hair loss in babies is normal and, in fact,… Continue Reading

First Time Mom Survival Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

Fresh from the hospital, the first few weeks with your tiny bundle of joy can be tough and challenging. Nevertheless, the first days of your new life role as a first time mom will be colorful. Expect cheerful days and sleepless nights peppered with discoveries, firsts, smiles, laughs and, most especially, cries. Being a first… Continue Reading